West Hollywood

BRUNCHING AT BBCM by Kassandra Horn

What are friends for if not to indulge in the most extravagant brunches on the Sunset strip? Ok, they're for a lot of things, it just so happens for me Saturday food fests are a high priority. 

I first spotted The Butcher, the Baker and the Cappuccino Maker on the feeds of a few L.A. lifestyle bloggers and was immediately drawn in by its iconic Colorburst lattes. If you haven't seen one, I can only describe it as the most instagrammable drink I've ever seen IRL, and I've had my fair share of bright and beautiful frosé, and bloody mary's with literal meals as toppings...we'll get into that another time.

At $7 a cup, these are definitely a treat but my friend and I both work in social media and can't resist a great photo opp, no matter how 'basic' it is.  We're here for it and we're not changing for anyone. 


The best part is that these beautiful babies taste as delicious as they look.

If you're in need of a major caffeine hit, stick with a cold brew for that proper slap in the face but if your at all a latte lover, the Colorburst is certainly worth a try. We opted for almond milk, but you can also go with whole or non-fat.

Because you can't drink coffee on an empty stomach, we ordered a round of the Bacon Maple Scones with whipped maple chili butter. Um, excuuuuse me? Butter? HELLO. I'm not even much of a bacon person but give me some carbs with syrup and butter on them and I'm close enough to a waffle to call it the same. Only THIS was better. 


Scones can sometimes have a reputation for being dense and dry, but these are so rich and flavorful they melt in your mouth.

With just enough maple syrup and butter to compliment the perfectly placed bacon bits, this is a dish you want to eat slowwwww.

I probably could have stopped at the scones, if we're being honest. But why when there's an entire menu to be indulged?!

Sometimes I forget when I'm loving a new place that I can come back anytime. In other words, this isn't my last meal. I don't have to eat EVERYTHING. Then, adrenaline or hunger or fomo kick in - probably a combination of all three - and next thing I know I'm ordering the croissant sandwich. Remember what I said about butter? Literal kryptonite. 

This bad boy gets a highly recommend from me. Your choice of bacon or salmon sandwiched between a flaky, fluffy crust with a perfectly yolked egg (you know, the right amount of runny where it doesn't soggy the bread but makes everything it touches taste like heaven). Coupled with a savory salad and tiny little pickles, BBCM officially found all my weaknesses and played them like a violin. 

IMG_1749 2.jpg


Cage-free egg, gruyere, avocado, arugula, tomato jam, with smoked salmon. More than a few of my favorite things.

We left full and thankful for a good time well spent and it actually wasn't that expensive ($$) considering the location. Although my partner in crime was underwhelmed by the flavorless Breakfast Bowl (not pictured) so be careful with that one. Unfortunately, I didn't capture any photos of the cafe's crisp white aesthetic and awesome outdoor patio - they have some great shots on the website. Buzzing every weekend with the beautiful faces of Hollywood, it's definitely a scene and a reason to break out your Sunday best. 

Next time, I'd love to check out their dinner menu. Have you tried it? What are your favorite quirky brunch spots in LA? It's hard to keep track of all the new bakeries and cafes popping up, but if you find a latte more beautiful than these I want to hear about it.